Friday, April 24, 2015

Verizon -- Watch the fine Print

I have been with verizon for over 10 years. Up until now I have had some ups and downs wiht customer service and now that I am not under contract it seems the service got better.

I called this yesterday because my LG Dare went berserk, and I could not access anything on it.  So I called to see if I could get another phone.  I spoke with one Customer service in the business department as I (thought to my surprise) I had a business account, since every time I usually call in they put me over to the business department.  But the phone the person talked me into getting did not have the type of phone I wanted., so I called back today, once again to the business department and talked to another person. who set with me and we went over several phones and could not really find one I could afford right now...I am a disabled Veteran and on SSI disability, trying to keep a business alive.   I honestly did not believe I should be under a contract, because I have been a faithful customer so long.

Anyway. went to Walmart and they found me the same phone that the person in the business department (I think his name was robert, sorry memory not all that good) anyway so I called from walmart with the help of the manager of the department we went thru two phones and then I was told that I was not under a plan that would allow 4G cell phone...WHAT??? I am with Verizon, who does Cell phone cervice, and I have been a faithful customer for years...and yet I am told now I am not on a business plan??? I was told 10 years ago I was on a business plan, when I get the bill it is in my business name. A1 Computer Tutor.  This is my blog....and I am posting this on my blog...Verizon has lied to me for years and I trusted them, and now I find I can jsut get another phone with out a new contract...BS

Spring Up Date and Warning

Hello My dear Friends

We are currently staying at home dfor the summer, awaiting a big change...I jsut wanted to warn you about a cell service that is not good.

IF YOU BY CHEAP YOU WILL GET CHEAP>>>>Stay away from this company...

Sunday, January 18, 2015

2007 We bought a boat

Hello My Friends

Well I know I have not been on this site much.  Just wanted to updte you all on what is happening.

In 2007 While i was working we decided to purchase a boat, from Olympic Boat Center.  

We picked up the boat, after 3 weeks and 2 hours of waiting, we purchased new kicker motor, New Electronic Downriggers, New GPS, and new equipment and saftey equipment.  We were told by Olympic that all maintenance would be done and they would insure the boat was sea worthy, because it was a used boat,  We were leery of the condition. BUT, since we were purchasing it from a reputable business, and not a used car lot, we felt that the boat would be safe.

As it turns out 1 hour after we picked up the boat, jsut out side of Everett Boat Launch, this happened.  (see web site)

My wife Tracy almost lost her life on this boat, and I injured my shoulder trying to statr an outboard that would not start. Our friends Dennis and Karen barely got off the boat before it sank...  It was later determined by our insurance company thaat "NO MAINTENANCE WAS DONE ON THE BOAT, THE FAN ON THE MOTOR WAS RUSTED CAUSING THE MOTOR TO HEAT UP AND MELT THE PIPES THAT CARRY COOL WATER AROUND THE MOTOR, AND WHEN THEYMELTED THE WAS PUSHED INTO THE BOAT AND THUS CAUSING THE BOAT TO SINK"

We went back to Olympic two days latter, and the manager told us they would replace the boat, and while it was their policy to send a salesman out with new boat owners they did not with us, and he did not know why.  He was apologetic and want to make all things right. 

We were put in touch with Hartford Insurance Claims department but they stalled and stalled so I wrote to the Insurance commissioner of Washington State.. After a month

Date: Tuesday, September 6, 2011, 4:12 PM
Mr. Worley,

We were able to match your current email with our prior case 1011395. At that time analyst April Findley handled your inquiry, and she responded to you with a 12-6-07 letter. At that time she said that the insurer was working directly with your attorney regarding the  4-20-07 boating incident and that upon settlement Hartford would consider the medical expenses. The relative text from analyst Findley’s letter said:” The company has indicated they will consider the medical bills and wage loss when reaching a settlement for your claim. “
However now the insurance company is saying thy won't fulfill their promoise.  So for the past 8 years Hartford has stalled and my lawyers hand is tied because Olympic filed for bankruptcy protection.  So we loose.  I am only sharing this with you all to warn you of anyone affiliated with the previous Olympic Boat Center, or Hartford Insurances company are crooks and do not pay the claims they are supposed to pay.

In closing I will tell you that after the accident I went to a doctor because I was having pain in my right shoulder, and because of my previous Job, which the company would not hire me back, I wanted to make sure the shoulder injury was caused by the boat accident.. I did a lot of research and questioning. (I used to drive a truck where we had some people complaining of shoulder pain from throwing straps) BUT, my doctor and Neurosurgeon said the damage to my arm had to have been done by the boat injury)

Thanks to all for visiting the site and reading my exploits and adventures. I am hoping this year we can add more here

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fishing / Washer/Dryer and more Excellance

Welcome my friends.

I am sorry I have not been posting much on here, but this has been a busy year and not much time.  I will try and do better.

I will begin by posting that we had a great trip up to Ft Casey Washington My friend Dennis and I  went up for opening season.

And what a trip we had...WOW.. when I got back it was time for Aquafest, a city street event that happens every July.  While Aquafest was going on our Motorhome was in the shop with those trusted and wonderful people of Roy Robinson RV in Marysville, We had been bless with a washer and dryer and had it installed and the dryer vent attached to the outside of the motorhome. it actually looks like it was factory installed. what a wonderful service, and Matt and the rest of the service department always does a great Job without charging an am and a leg. 
they mounted the vent above the CC graffic.  will add photos later, But I just wanted to tell you that Roy Robinson is the best in service, and sells when it comes to customers..They listen, and they work hard to get the job done for a great price.

Stay Safe out there...till my next Post..


Monday, June 2, 2014

DIY not so DIY

I am an avoid watcher of DIY network, so when they said "Desperate Landscapes" was coming to the Seattle area and looking for desperate landscapes to remodel.  I was all in.

Since the military disability, (had an aircraft engine drop on me in the military) back, hip, neck, and spine, plus damage to Arm, I am not able to do the landscaping I want to do.  and living on a limited income thought this would be a great way you get this place fixed.  the front yard is awful, and the neighbors keep asking when we are going to get it done.

So I looked up the signup on the web site.  listed below

and signed up.

First they asked me for a photo of my family... not sure why they needed a photo of the family it was the yard they were remodeling,.

Then they asked my age,,  WHAT was that about ??? what does my age have to do with remodeling my landscape?

Sounds a little fishy to me.  But I filled out the page and sent the required information

I then sent more to them when they sent me an e-mail confirming the receipt.  JUST how bad the front yard was and the small bank that was washing away, the driveway that was breaking apart, and the no plants in the front ugliness.

I received the following

"  Thanks for your application. Unfortunately, your yard is not quite desperate enough for our needs.
  I'm sorry.

Now as a Vietnam veteran and over 60 person I have heard "your not quite what we're looking for" for years.  and this is nothing new.

BUT, seems age discrimination and youth wins out again. Because I have seem yards in way less damage than mine. who have been fixed, and I have seen them fix military veterans (post 9/11) yards, but I am not young, I am not a post 9/11 veteran so DIY is not interested in helping ..

Seems Fishy to me

Friday, April 4, 2014

Roy Robinson Comes Through

On the road again;

We had a friend go into Roy Robinsons in Marysville, and guess what they treated them great, took care of concerns, and got them into a great car. 

Ok, Ok, I know I sound like the press blubbering over the president and not seeing the faults, BUT, Roy Robinson Chevrolet and Suburu in Marysville Washington is the best Auto/RV dealer I have EVER purchased a vehicle from. The whole team is CUSTOMER FIRST orientation, and centered/  You will not be disappointed  ever.  I just wish we had found  this out when we purchased our first car in 1988.

Mark the General Manager, John & Malom In RV's,  Matt and the full RV maintenance team, Rick and Jake in sales of cars. you will not find a better more concerned team.

If you have the opportunity to go by and visit, or have questions, just ask them they are they to always help.

tell them Santa - John Worley Sent you 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sleep Number Scam - Buyer Beware

Hi Everyone;

In 2007 we purchased a sleep number bed for our home, they sold us a bed raise and massage mechanism, that we honestly do not use, Here is the conversation I had with them, I called the warranted and they want 300.00 to replace the mechanism,,, their service stinks and I would warn you not to purchase one for your motor home

Welcome to Sleep Number Live Chat, you are now connected with 'David'.
David: Hello, my name is David and my SLEEP NUMBER ® setting is 30.  How may I assist you?
John: We purchased a sleep number in 2007 with 10 year warren tee. and the motor that raises and lowers the bed and does the massage quit. We did not purchase a separate package, we purchased it all as one package. Now you won't replace the motor, even though it has only been used maybe 10 times over the past 7 years...
John: I posted my complaints on my blog and on I was going to put one in my motor home but now I am having reservations
David: Hi John! I am sorry to hear that you are having a problem with the motor for your adjustable base. Leggett and Platt is the manufacturer of the adjustable bases and they hold the warranty. I would recommend giving them a call to make a warranty claim. They are available by phone at 1-800-888-3078
John: I did not purchase the Adjsutable from them I purchased it from YOU. jsut as I do not purchase a started fromdelco when I purchase a car. So it is up to YOU to replace what you sold me.
David: Unfortunately Sleep Number would not be able to offer you warranty coverage for your adjustable base. The warranty is held by Leggett and Platt.
John: I called them and they are asking over 300.00 to replace the motor.. that is not going to happen
John: well the message is out on my blog.. and on pissed .com... I am filing complaints about your company where ever I can. even with the BBB
David: I am very sorry to hear that. Please do not hesitate to get a hold of us if you have any other questions at all. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
John: you sold me the mechanism, you sold me the warrentee. and you are responsible for the replacement