Monday, November 14, 2016

Alaska and Dog Mushing

Hello my fellow Travelers.

This past week we flew up to Fairbanks to full fill some of my wfes bucket list items. Driving a dog team and seeing the Aroura.

The trip on Alaska Airlines proved only that the service of the airline industry had fallen a bit.

The Hotel we stayed in was a bit disappointing.  between the toilet not working and the noisey heating syatems and the noise fridge, we got a little sleep.

I will tell you that the highlight of the Vacation was Black Spruce Dog Mushing.  here is the link to their web page. 
Now if you do not know the concept of Dog Mushing, or the care and love these dogs get, then you are blind.  The team we went out with, with Riely our guide, was to be at least above compare.  the love and attention he gave to the dogs, allowing us to pet and spend time with them, Of course,Tracy being a dog lover to the max, madfe an instant companion named Neptune.  see photos.

I can honestly tell you these dogs are well cared for, and the people who have them, at least the ones we were with, let them run free alot, and they come at the call of their name.  They are fed and handeled with love and attention.

It is in this mans honesty and humbled oppinon anyone who would accuse a dog musher of abusing dogs are untrained and uneducated about the sport.   these dogs love to run, and if they were not running in front of a sled, they would be runnign wild and probably by wolves.

They are trained. and cared for. we talked to Reiley and he said they see a vet every 3 or 4 months. and the money they spend on the care and feeding of these dogs do not make up in any way what they take in. alot of dog mushers and trainers do not even break even BUT they do this because they love the dogs....not the money...

I would engourage you to educate yourselves and go and talk to the mushers and not those who are anti-mushing and would lie to get the sport shut down.

We loved the time we had in Alaska and plan to return and do it again.

We visited Santa Claus House at North Pole. another highlight.


Did not know there was an Ice Mesuem in Fairbank. WOW, such a great tour...

Tracy with Neptune

University of Alaska Mesuem of the North
WOW you do not want to miss this

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Everett Wa, To YellowStone, and Back A Grand Vacation

Hello All

Hope you are all having happy trails and smooth roads.

Just to remind you all this is a travel and RV Blog.... We are not here to critique locations jsut rv sites....

We  just returned to from a trip to Yellowstone, and lety me tell you the ups out weighted the down by a bundle

Let me first begin with some points of interest….

Let left our home and traveled over hwy 2, some know it as Stevens pass, and thru Leavenworth and Wenatchee.  We did have a few lessons we learned, when traveling over gravel make sure the mud flaps are all the way to the ground… that will cost us a new paint job on the front of the tow…

We are hoping these can be buffed out but do not know for sure….We arrived our first night at Nugget RV Park In St. Regis , Montana.. WOW what A GREAT  Deal and a Great Park…The accommodations were top notch, and the people who run the park were sincerely customer service minded. 
Well worth the price of one night….

We then went to a park in Ashton ID….the Good Sam Ranking was to say the most average…no wifi, and getting there was hard for our size motor home. The people who run the park , and you should know it is on the back of a Golf Course.  The showers/bathrooms were small, and not well kept up, they were used by the golfers and pretty dirty…The road getting into the park was a golf trail…for a 36 motor home pulling a tow was a challenge….

Aspen Acres RV And Golf course, should say GOLF first and RV 2nd….if your driving a small rv it would be fine if you do not want Wifi…

We were there for three nights and the price was great as members of Travel America, we got a great discount.
BUT We moved on Wednesday and stayed two Nights at Valley View RV Park, by Island Park ID, 

great location from the road, price was a bit ruff, for Travel America, and the Wifi was off more than on…If you have to have your wifi all the time, I would be aware.    Valley View owners and people were Great very accommodating, and as I said the location right off the main highway was ok…we did not hear any truck or vehicles. And we were pretty close to Yellowstone

 We did visit a Place Named Yellowstone Bear World Before we went to Yellowstone.

We did eventuall go to Yellowstone,,,We stopped at 

The Bear and Wolf Attraction in West Yellowstone...

Then we went to Yellowstone...

  1.  Yes we did see a bear in the wild Just outside of the east gate

Now. While in Idaho we went to several attractions out side of the park. Jackson,Wy. was crowded, people everywhere, we actually thought we would go while school was in and we still barely got downtown.  The traffic was moderate, but being off season we thought there would be a better moving traffic.  We stopped at one store just east of Jackson and ask question and information was sluggish, for people who work and live in a town they did not know much about it.

We went to Grand Tetons, by the road between 
Yellowstone and Tetons was closed, so we had to go thru Jackson to come in from the south end…
 Miral Roon At Teatons
The last picture is of the ELK refuge in Jackson.

We did drive back thru Virginia City, Sheridan, and Nevada City Montana, Wonderful western style towns..

We arrived back home safely and had a wonderful vacation…

Safe Roads and Travels to all