Thursday, January 28, 2016

Beware of Verizon Hidden Fees

 I purchased a new phone, and told the salesperson I wanted to purchase the phone outright and then only have the data charge with regular service on my new phone. Two weeks later I find out that I paid all but 5.00 and that Verizon is charging me .20 cent a monthly PLUS interest for the 5.00 the salesperson did not charge me. which I TOLD HER I WANTED TO PAY THE FULL PRICE.......LITTLE SNEAK IN FOR MAKING MONEY ON THE CUSTOMER. MANY WOULD NOT HAVE NOTICED THIS SMALL CHARGE... I CALLED THE BILLING DEPARTMENT AND THEY SAID i COULD JSUT PAY THE 5.00 AND NOT BE CHARGED. WELL IF i HAD NOT NOTICED IT. THEN i WOULD BE PAYING INTEREST ON A PHONE i PURCHASED OUTRIGHT....

Seems to me that Verizon is hiding fees and unknown cost in the bills and they are so low you do not notice them until they are paid off...with interest.....and even after you notice the charge, they have already collected the interest so far. so they make money either way


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Our Christmas Journey

We begin our Christmas Trip in Arlington WA. we were so excited to spend Christmas with the Kids and Grand kids all was ready,  we had filled with propane and got the last minute look over from Roy Robinson RV service in Marysville, WA ( who might I add also fixed the light problem with the towed , and we were on our way.

Determined no to stay in every Campground every night we wanted a little adventure in this trip, so we planed to stay in a few campground the one I listed here.

Our first night was harrowing to say the lease, we got into Portland, Oregon the top of rush hour and the people had either forgotten how to drive on jsut never learned in the first place. missing our turn off because some would rather get home 2 minutes earlier than let someone merge, we ended up in the wrong express lane, and had to go out of our way, we but as I mentioned we asked for adventure. 

We did get to see some old ( long time friends) in Salem and stayed the night at the rest area jsut south of Salem was a peaceful night and we woke up refreshed.

We headed for California and the Siskiyou's Mountain Pass. To our delight no snow.  just rain, and though we did see some on the side of the road nothing on the roads, was a relief.

We stayed the next night at a Wal-Mart in California,  was a bit out of the way and because of road construction it was tricky but the Manager and Customer service people were great and we spent our 2nd night in restful sleep. Arising at 3Am we were determined to get out of the area before rush hour, we did. and then instead of I-5 we decided on hwy 99 out of Lodi. we were going to spend the night at the flying J, but as I said decided on the Wal-Mart instead.  

Most of the Pilots and Flying J's we found has no pull thru's and if they did most were taken with backing truck and pulling out Car we did not wish to un hook and back in and re hook up in the morning. 

We arrived in San Jacinto Ca, were we were to spend the night, we arrived early so as to go see a long time friend and retired pastor and meet up with a friend I had known in Alaska.  was a great reunion, on both parts, However, the Campground (Reflection Lake RV Park & Campground)  ,Sorry no photos,we were no there long enough and with the problems with the parking and rv we just did not think of photos,  was not good for pull thru and towing a vehicle. they had big post they expected you to pull thru and between the Cow farm and silage pits it looked nice had to get into, and though it was Very inexpensive, the stay was not.  out first challenge was the motor home would not start, we had no power to the dash, and we tried everything, Finally calling Good Sam Road Side Service, who promised to be at the campground at 8Am they showed up at 9:30 We had planned to leave at 9 AM the road side service men got there shined their lights and opened a few panels and said "Guess we have to tow it"  they had no idea what they were doing.  I called around and finally with the help of my brother in law who is a snow bird, we found a guy who interrupted his children's Christmas shopping trip for 20 minutes and had us back on the road... we gave him all the cash we had, but wish we could have given him more..

We headed for New Mexico 

and finally Texas, we were to stop at a Pilot (at exit 1 Between California and Arizonia)who said they had Bulk Propane, NOT.. well they did have in a awkward place, I pull the rv around had to pull into a hotel parking lot to turn around and then after all that the guy tell my wife that he dies not know how to fill rv tanks and we would have to wait til 4PM for the guy who did...Are You Kidding me??????  this was at 1PM where am I going to park for 3 hours, the truck parking lot was we went on our way.

Our next night, we stayed at a Wal-Mart in Ferguson Texas, just outside of Austin. was easy to get to and easy to park in. they did not mind us staying and said we could park over by the Auto department.

We left early the next morning, and glad we did, we heard of several bad accidents behind us. and we headed for Houston....May I ask here...Who designed the freeways in Houston Texas???? is there an asylum for these people...we almost missed out exits so as to stay on I-10 but the traffic, and the turn this way and then  quickly get in the left lane and then the right on in a blink of an eye. you could go insane in that town jut driving through it...BUT we did

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida panhandle was easy driving, although there was some tricky moments in Louisiana because of the storms and expected tornados in texas, but the adventure continued....We also found there are no rest stops in Louisiana...none...and the ones in Arizona were mostly closed...

We arrived in Florala Alabama and stayed at a wonderful State / Now City Park.  Having recently been taken over by the city of Florala, they were making some great improvements and I would advise anyone traveling through the area to stay there. the evening sunsets were spectacular.

Our next stop was in I-24 Campground in Smyrna Tennessee

great campground, the rv sites were gravel. but the people and the grounds were kept nice. we had no problems getting the rv in and out.  spaces were big and plenty of room.  We stayed two nights. was a great time with a friend.

Then off to New Mexico, thru Arkansas and Texas. stayed in a few rest stops and a Flying J, I have found that Flying J is more Suitable for rvs than Pilots. 

We stayed at Hacienda RV Resort in Mesilla New Mexico

had breakfast at The only Cracker Barrell in the town, and met with some long tome friends. the camp ground was beautiful. the noise from the freeway did not effect us, as there was an rv dealership that blocked the sound. the people were great. and the spaces were not tight.  flat pads, and thought they were gravel they were level.
 Visited the Ranch and Farm Museum in Las Cruces.....

My only complaint for these rv campgrounds, is when they had laundry facilities they charged money and you needed change, but there was no change machines, so you had to go out , with the office closed. I know more planing on our behalf. but I still say if the campgrounds are going to provide Laundry they should have change machines.

After a few nights there we headed home.

Here is where I caution my RV friends....

Do not plan to drive hwy 101 in a large RV,  the curves, the turns, the hills, you are not going to go very fast, and we had rain and wind to contend with. The drive thru the red woods and even the california coast

 and Oregon coast, was beautiful but would have been much better in a car...

We did find a great rest stop outside of Willis, CA named  Irvine Lodge Rest Area, away from main traffic, and CHP patrolled.  got a great night sleep.

Our next stop was the next Pilot off Rice Hill Exit in Oakland Oregon.  plenty of Pull thru parking, and the Dennys had a great dinner.  we slept a few hours and then headed for Everett, wa....

Over all the trip was 7464 miles. and three weeks of great fun and the sights were great.

We do love traveling and seeing this country